3 ⚛️ How Clean is Nuclear?

Many of the nuclear power stations built since the 1960s are reaching the end of their planned life, and not everyone thinks they should be replaced. In 2011, one country announced that it would phase out – meaning gradually stop using - nuclear power altogether.

But which country?

a) Germany

b) India

c) Brazil


➡️ Write a sentence for each vocabulary word below: ⬅️

renewables types of energy such as wind and solar power that can be replaced as quickly as they are used

phase (something) out gradually stop using (something)

vivid memories memories that produce powerful feelings and strong, clear images in the mind

ingrained (beliefs) so strongly held that they are difficult to change

unique selling point (or USP) the feature of something that makes it different from and better than its competitors

casualty person or thing that suffers as a result of something else happening


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