⛺ Kids Convince Grandpa to Buy an $8,500 Teepee

The Ellen Show:

How Steve Harvey's Grandkids Convinced Him to Buy an $8,500 Teepee

史蒂夫哈維的孫子們如何說服他購買價值 8,500 美元的帳篷



🥗 Vegan: 素食主義者 ✅ Correct: 正確的 😎 Big Pimpin: 大皮條客 🚬 Cigar in the Pool: 池中的雪茄 ⛺ Teepee: 帳篷 😱 Screaming: 尖叫 🛋️ Cigar Lounge: 雪茄休息室


1) What’s the gift in the bag? 2) What does he say she can do with them? 3) How does she try to correct him? 4) How many grandchildren does he have? 5) What does he want his grandchildren to call him? 6) What happened on Wednesday? 7) How much was the teepee? 8) Why is he allowed to use the teepee as a cigar lounge?

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