Lvl 10 🏖️ Beach Paintings

🩴 Describe a photo or 2 in a paragraph or 2. Feel free to use your imagination.

Anime Beach Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

These two are my favorite photos. The top one is so colorful and peaceful like the white beaches of the Philippines, while the bottom one makes the water look like glass, and seems to have a bit of story regarding the floating bottle that she found. Also, are there pyramids in the background? It's really interesting, as if it could have its own story.


這兩張是我最喜歡的照片。 上層的海水像菲律賓的白色沙灘一樣五彩斑斕,寧靜祥和,而下層的海水則像玻璃一樣,似乎還有點關於她發現的漂浮瓶子的故事。 另外,背景中有金字塔嗎? 真的很有趣,好像它可以有自己的故事。(Google Translate).

Anime Beach Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

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