🎵 You Raise Me 🆙

Updated: Apr 18

🛩️ You Raise Me Up = I am Raised from you. I Rise in the morning, because of myself.

✈️ An airplane Rises above the clouds, because of itself. Its passengers are Raised by the plane.

🗽 My English Rises when I study, because of myself. My teachers help to Raise my English.

🏞️ 漂浮在瑞士阿爾卑斯山上空,願你升起迎接它10公里高的奇幻城市。 充滿了熱氣球、噴氣式飛機、燈光和神秘的飛鯨🐋 這部簡短的音樂劇伴隨著 Josh Groban 的“You Raise Me Up”的聲音🎵

🏞️ Floating above the Swiss Alps, may you rise to meet its 10km sky-high fantasy city. Filled with hot air balloons, jets, lights, and mystical flying whales 🐋 This short musical rides to the voice of Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" 🎵


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